Feb 05 2019

As a College we have become a Stonewall Diversity Champion, dedicated to creating a workplace where LGBT staff can be themselves, feel welcome and secure in their daily working environment and reach their full potential.

“People perform better when they can be themselves.” (Stonewall)

One way to achieve this is to identify and promote LGBT role models who are in a variety of different levels and roles across the College. A role model is someone who serves as an example by influencing and inspiring others. LGBT role models who are 'visibly out’ in the workplace can be very empowering to LGBT colleagues and students, including prospective applicants.

Role models have a critical role to play in creative inclusive organisations and have been key to advancing fair treatment for their lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans colleagues.” Stonewall’s LGBT Role Models Programme Flyer

We plan to create webpages with entries from our LGBT role models outlining their role within the College, why it is important to be a visible role model, in what way ‘coming out’ at in the workplace can impact on quality of life at work, and challenges colleagues may have faced during this process.

We also hope to set up an initial meeting with role models to discuss the nature and purpose of the role; practical ways to carry out the role (including being approachable and encouraging others to be confident in their identity); and how to become visible and influential. The ultimate aim is to create a growing and thriving network of LGBT role models across the College who come from a diverse range of cultural, ethnic and gender identity backgrounds and who can act as agents for change.

If you are interested in becoming an LGBT role model at Royal Holloway, or would like to discuss the nature of the role further, please email LGBT.Staffrhul.ac.uk

For information on Equality and Diversity activities, news and resources at Royal Holloway please email Equalityrhul.ac.uk and/or visit our webpages.