Jan 08 2019

The new academic structure would ideally be supported by the new Schools’ Departments being co-located where possible, enabling more interdisciplinary interaction, improved student and staff service and more efficient operation. This is more easily achieved for some Schools than others, and for some it will not be achieved until large scale capital projects are delivered in the future.

Three Faculties will be dissolved and six Schools are being created to include 21 departments. Each School and its Departments will have their own requirements, and equally they will have their own location and resource constraints. One of the key aims of the restructure is to create consistency, share best practice and improve student experience. To that end, there are a set of principles that will be applied to the Academic restructure as far as is possible.

1.    Creation of School Administrative Hubs

The new academic structure and restructured administration requires each school to have an administrative hub. The proposal is to aim for each school to have the following facilities co-located in one building:

  • A student area and helpdesk
  • Office space for the school’s administration team, the School Manager and the Head of School
  • Hot desks for partners from professional services.

2.    Proposed locations of School Administrative Hubs

The locations of the school administrative hubs will be determined by selecting the most accessible point that is central to the buildings in which the School’s Departments are based. The locations are likely to be confirmed and published by the end of January.

3.    School facilities

Where possible, shared School facilities will be provided, to encourage interdisciplinarity and collaboration. If there is a need for a discipline-specific resource room, they will be maintained in Departments.

4.    Departmental moves

In order to enable the co-location of Departments in their Schools, there will have to be a number of moves for both Academic and Professional Services Departments. These are currently subject to discussion with the departments involved, and more details of the moves will be published as they are finalised.