Jun 11 2019

Consultation on the new academic governance structures ended on 24 May. Thank you to everyone who submitted responses. These have been carefully considered and a number of changes have been made as a result of the feedback received. The updated version of the academic governance structures has been approved in full by the College Executive and also for areas under its remit, the Academic Board.

As previously stated, bringing departments together into Schools is intended to provide better academic outcomes in the changing HE environment. The previous College structure was not likely to work well for us in the future and produced inconsistencies in experience for students and staff in the different departments. At the same time, with the leadership of the six Schools fully integrated in central College decision making, academic voices can be more clearly positioned in the development of the College strategy.

Schools are constituted by departments, and the School management team will be made up of staff who come from the departments in that School. All roles will be advertised within the Schools. The Schools will be supported by a single Administrative Office and administration will be provided by this office to students, staff and departments as well as for the ‘central’ School operations.

In designing the operating principles, we have tried to create a more agile, single decision-making layer by devolving previous faculty business to Schools and consolidating departmental matters at that level, unless disciplinary or volume issues suggest otherwise. The proposals leave departments to organise themselves as their disciplines best need under the School structure.

The updated version of academic governance structures can be found here.

A summary of feedback received and our responses can be found here.

Job Descriptions for Heads of Schools can be found here and for Heads of Departments can be found here.