Jun 11 2019

We recently held our Postgraduate Open Evenings, at both our Egham and Central London campuses. We caught up with Greg to learn more about his role, what goes into the running of the Open Evenings and why they're important events.

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role within Student Recruitment?

I have worked at Royal Holloway for just over three years now; first in admissions before moving into my current role. After graduating from Royal Holloway in 2013 and completing my MA in Crusader Studies the following year, I worked as a Head of Year in a School in Wembley before joining the University. My current role sits within the events team and I organise pretty much all things Postgraduate at both our Egham and London campuses. I also tour the UK attending recruitment fairs across the county, in sunny climbs such as Manchester and Liverpool.

2. Over the past few weeks, you have been busy organising the College’s Postgraduate Open Evening events at our Egham and London campuses. Why are our Open Evenings important to run?

Open Evenings are a key event in the recruitment calendar. They give applicants a unique opportunity to speak with people from across the university and subsequently crystallise not only their decision of where to study, but also their opinion of Royal Holloway. Given the information needs for prospective postgraduates do not follow the linear timeline that you often find in undergraduates, it is important that we provide as much information as possible at each event in order to provide the best experience.

3. What do you find most rewarding about managing the Open Evenings?

It is always good to get positive feedback about these events from attendees and staff (especially when we are positively compared to other institutions’ events).

4. Do you ever face any challenges when organising the Open Evenings?

There are always curveballs when running and organising these events, making sure there is flexibility is important as well as having contingencies in place. Prospective postgraduates come from a multitude of backgrounds and have specific and varying needs, the real challenge lies in creating a format that works for as many people as possible.

5. What do you enjoy most about working at Royal Holloway and within the Student Recruitment team?

I enjoy working with my team in Student Recruitment as it is really supportive and works well together. I also like the flexibility my position allows, I am able to trial new activities and see them through from conception to delivery – such as the Postgraduate Visit Afternoons that started this year and next week’s Postgraduate applicant dinner.

6. If you could live in any other country for one year, where would you choose and why?

Belgium, because of the weather.