Jun 11 2019

Each of the new School Administration team structures have now been finalised, and can be viewed here. While these teams won't come into effect until 1 August, the School Managers-designate have already made contact with their new teams and a number of events will take place between now and the end of July, to ensure that there is a smooth transition into the new School structures. 

There are a number of unfilled posts in the new School Administration structures, which are all being advertised on Stonefish. A number of posts have been advertised internally at this stage, as we hope that these posts can be filled by colleagues who are currently on fixed term contracts. Colleagues who have been allocated roles within the restructure are also welcome to apply - if they are successful in their application, the role that they were originally allocated will then be advertised as a standard vacancy. All appointments, both allocated and filled through recruitment, will take effect from 1 August.