Jun 24 2019

This week, representatives from our Estates team will be meeting with technical teams at Runnymede Borough Council to discuss our plans for future campus developments.

Over the past five years, our campus has changed and improved above and below the ground. In addition to the Davison Building and George Eliot Hall above ground, new data and electricity cable and gas pipes have been laid, in part to support the Shilling Building, which was officially opened this year.

We are now planning the next five years of campus development. This includes the enterprise centre, a new building for music and media arts, the potential extension of the car park on the north campus, car park 14, and opening up Piggery Gate. We are also looking to improve access to the campus with road improvements.

We are also starting to look at what we might use the Rusham Park site for once P&G move out in about two years.  Our current thinking is to develop the site into a student village, complete with new student accommodation. We need to start to consider our ideas now so that, by the time P&G move out, we ideally have an approved plan that we can proceed with.

None of our ideas have yet reached the stage where they can be submitted for planning permission. Each proposed project needs to be developed into a detailed concept, which colleagues, the local community and the Runnymede Planning Dept. will need to consult on.

Only once we have a full consulted on proposals, will any of our proposed projects be submitted for formal consideration by Runnymede Borough Council.