May 07 2019

Back in March, colleagues were informed about a change to the College Travel Policy which included the requirement to use Key Travel. The contract has been updated to provide better terms and an improved support model; the use of a preferred provider is required by law because total College expenditure exceeds the OJEU (procurement regulations) threshold.

We have recently received valuable feedback from colleagues on the College’s use of Key Travel for air travel and accommodation, as highlighted in the recently updated Travel, Subsistence and Personal Expenses Policy.

We recognise that there have been circumstances where colleagues have encountered complications using Key Travel, and appreciate that the linear procedure will not always result in a satisfactory experience for colleagues.

In recognition of these circumstances, our onwards approach will be that Key Travel is the preferred supplier for air travel and accommodation. We will continue to recommend the use of Key Travel and will commit to providing all the support colleagues require and expect to use Key Travel effectively. The use of Key Travel will not be mandated – if best value can be achieved using an alternative provider, this will be acceptable.

For the avoidance of doubt, for rail travel we recommend to buy a ticket and reclaim the cost via expenses.