Nov 07 2019

To help ensure the security of information across the College, any new suppliers or change of bank details need to be verified and checked by our Payments team. 

The Payments team will try to use a generic telephone number obtained from a trusted source (e.g. Creditsafe), but if they are unable to find a generic number they will use the telephone number provided on the new supplier form when the supplier was originally set up.

If the suppliers are not from the United Kingdom, the process will take slightly longer. However, the team always ensure that bank details are confirmed as soon as possible and following the correct procedure helps to prevent invoice fraud scams.

To help make the above process more efficient, it’s important  the following is completed when submitting a new supplier and/or amending a supplier:

  • Limited Company - Bank details provided on signed headed paper that shows the company name, company registration number, address, bank account name, number and sort code
  • Individuals – Proof of bank details (e.g. bank statement) that include bank account name, sort code, account number, individual name and address
  • Agresso - Include email and phone numbers when updating or submitting new suppliers in Agresso

As part of phase two of the Agresso upgrade project, the supplier process will be updated with new forms and guidance. In the meantime, the above will really help Procurement to process your requests as quickly as possible and help prevent invoice fraud scams.