Oct 07 2019

This autumn, we continue our successful student recruitment campaign, Find your why, with a fresh new look. Targeted at prospective undergraduate students and their parents, as well as prospective postgraduate taught students, it focuses on the inspirational nature of our campus and the people who make up our College community. Imagery features the Founder’s Building, which time and again is what first attracts the eye of those new to Royal Holloway, and portraits of ten students, colleagues and alumni, who explain their ‘why’ – their purpose.

Primarily targeting specific groups via social media, Google Search, Spotify and website ads, this year we have also expanded the visibility of the campaign to outdoor advertising sites in the region. Our ads will be displayed at 192 sites at train stations, bus stops and shopping centres in the local area from 7 – 20 October. The sites have been carefully chosen to reflect the top geographical locations of our typical applicants – keep an eye out for them!

On a sweltering day during summer graduation week, colleagues and students took part in a photoshoot on campus, and we are very grateful for their support. Read some of their profiles here.

Find my why collage 3 (1)