Sep 02 2019

All 2018/19 parking permits will automatically expire on Monday 30 September.

You can register for your brand new 2019/20 permit by visiting the parking site before 30 September.

Please select the 'register or update your parking permit' option for your 2019/20 permit, and then select 'new application'.

You need to apply for a brand new permit for 2019/20.

As soon as you have successfully applied for your new permit your vehicle(s) will be registered on the parking data base and you will not be liable to any automatic permit enforcement.  

You will receive a ‘Staff Parking Voucher’ voucher by email, which should be displayed clearly through the front windscreen until your permanent one arrives in the post to your home address. Displaying permits allows our mobile enforcement officers to identify that only permit holders are using the correct designated car parks.

Applications for the 2019/20 permit must be received before 30 September, otherwise you risk receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). If you require any help or guidance with your application visit our parking pages, if your query is not covered on these pages, please go to the FAQs.