Sep 17 2019

Saturday (21 September), marks the start of Welcome Week and autumn term at our College. The week is focused on welcoming new undergraduates and postgraduates into our campus community and introducing them to their academic programme.

1. What is Welcome Week and when is it taking place?

Welcome Week is officially the beginning of Royal Holloway’s autumn term, beginning on Saturday 21 September with Arrivals Weekend and ending on Sunday 29 September. The week is focused on welcoming new undergraduates and postgraduates into our campus community and introducing them to their academic programme, before teaching begins on Monday 30 September. Throughout the week, students are also able to enrol in the Windsor Building. 

2. How many people are expected to be on campus over Arrivals Weekend?

Over 3,500 students are expected to move into their Halls of Residences over Arrivals Weekend. They are able to select a two-hour arrival slot of their choice between 8am and 6pm to ensure a smooth check-in process.

3. What communications have new students received in the lead up to Welcome Week?

The key source of information for our new students is the Welcome Week microsite. This includes details about what to do before they arrive as well as when they get here. Students with a UK address have also been sent a welcome pack in the post, including a letter from the Principal, and a guide to both Welcome Week and the Students’ Union. 

All new and returning students have also been emailed to inform them of the enrolment process and ensure that they have signed up with the university online.

In addition, we have trialled a pilot scheme where our Peer Guides contacted several hundred new students over the phone to answer any pre-arrival queries they might have.

4. What key activities/events are taking place across Welcome Week?

On their first night, students living on campus will receive a talk from the Hall Life team followed by a meal in one of the catering outlets, as well as a large-scale event on Saturday and Sunday evening. Throughout the week, both the university and the Students’ Union offer a variety of day-time and evening activities. For example, several tailored events will be hosted including welcome receptions for new mature undergraduates, visiting students and new Postgraduates. All new students are expected to attend a ‘Welcome to Royal Holloway’ talk informing them of the key aspects of university life. Departments will also be running induction talks to inform students about the expectations of their degree programmes.

5. There will be a number of staff working across Arrivals Weekend – is there any essential information that they need to know?

As most of our car parks will be taken up by the arrival of new students moving in their accommodation, please check the staff briefing pack to find out where staff can park on Arrivals Weekend. The briefing pack also contains information about what day students are expected to move into each Hall, the services that the university provides, as well as where to direct students if they have any queries.

6. Is there anything that’s changed in the overall running of Welcome Week since last year?

Most of the Welcome Week operation is very similar to last year. However, we have advised students who are not moving into Halls that they do not necessarily have to come onto campus over Arrivals Weekend. This is to avoid disappointment due to a lack of parking spaces for them and a potential waiting time to complete enrolment.

7. What’s the most enjoyable part of Welcome Week?

It’s one of the most exciting times of the academic year as we welcome all of our new students onto campus. There’s a great buzz around campus amongst new and returning students and colleagues alike.