Apr 03 2020

Professor Pedro Teixeira-Dias

Professor Pedro Teixeira-Dias, department of Physics has been awarded £215,930 from STFC for their project entitled 'GridPP6 Royal Holloway staff grant'.

Dr Robert Lachlan

Dr Robert Lachlan, department of Psychology, has been awarded £220,427 from BBSRC for their project entitled 'Machine Learning for Bird Song Learning'.

Professor Kathy Rastle

Professor Kathy Rastle, department of Psychology, has been awarded £231, 700 from the Leverhulme Trust for their project entitled 'Psychological influence on spelling and spelling change'.

Dr Xavier Rojas 

Dr Xavier Rojas, department of Physics, has been awarded £87,00 from the Royal Society from their project entitled 'Hybrid superfluid optomechanical systems'.

Professor Gerhard Leubner

Professor Gerhard Leubner, department of Biological Sciences, has been awarded £261,290 from KWS for their project entitled 'Resilience of sugar beet early development to multiple environmental stresses'.