Feb 13 2020

Professor Paul Fraser

Professor Paul Fraser, Department of Biological Sciences, has received £320,665.40 from GCRF/BBSRC, for thier project entitled, 'The production & promotion of nutrient rich foodstuffs to address the double burden of malnutrition'.

Dr Alexey Lyapin

Dr Alexey Lyapin, Department of Physics, has received £88,452 from STFC, for thier project entitled, 'Fast high precision, low costs position for free electorn lasers.'

Dr Dave Lowry

Dr Dave Lowry, Department of Earth Sciences, has been awarded £37,709 from British Geological Survey (NERC), for their project entitled, 'Environmental Baseline Monitoring (NEE6837R).'

Dr Martin Widmer

Dr Martin Widmer, Department of Mathematics, has received £2,000 from London Mathematical Society, for their project entitled, 'Joint Research Groups in the UK.'

Professor Sameer Hosany

Professor Sameer Hosany, Department of Management, has received £40,182 from British Council (Newton Fund Institutional Links Grant), for their project entitled, 'Empowering Women Through Arts Entrepreneurship: The Thai Hill Tribes Exchange.'

Professor Kathy Rastle

Professor Kathy Rastle, Department of Psychology, has been awarded £7,704.54 from Sogang University, for their project 'Global Research Network (GRN).'