Feb 25 2020

Between Tuesday 17 March and Monday 30 March, all colleagues will be required to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on their College email account. MFA is an additional layer of security that can prevent unauthorised access to your email and Office 365 account, should your data be stolen, as well as providing protection when working off campus or logging in from a different device.

MFA adds another layer of protection from the kinds of damaging attacks that can cost organisations millions. In the last five months, over 300 accounts have been compromised at Royal Holloway, some of which have led to serious reputational impact. While MFA alone will not mitigate all attacks, it is an enormous step towards decreasing the chance of our accounts being compromised.

Across the College, there are currently over 200 colleagues who are registered to use MFA, for a variety of reasons, including the fact that their accounts from been previously compromised.

From Tuesday 17 March, you will have 14 days to set MFA up on your email account and you will be prompted to do so every time you log in. MFA is set up through a simple process that is demonstrated in our user guide and video tutorial. Alongside these resources, our IT team also be available in the Davison Building Atrium. from Tuesday 17 March, from 9am-5pm, if you require additional assistance/have further questions.

Discover more and our range of MFA frequently asked questions on this intranet page.