Jul 07 2020

Last week, we celebrated the launch of our new Welcome to Royal Holloway app. The app is primarily targeted towards our new students joining Royal Holloway in September, and aims to give them access to important information before they start their studies with us. We recently caught up with the team behind the app to find out more about it and the information that is available to students through the app.

  1. What can you tell us about the Welcome to Royal Holloway app?   

The Welcome to Royal Holloway app is a new student’s go-to source of information related to studying at Royal Holloway. There are three guides contained within the main app container: the Welcome guide, the International Student Support guide and the Hall Life guide. Each guide holds up-to-date and relevant information for all students commencing their studies in the new academic year.  

  1. Who is it aimed at?   

The app is primarily aimed at new undergraduate and postgraduate students. Having said this, the app is publicly available, and we encourage any member of the Royal Holloway community to download it. This will allow everyone to keep up-to-date with important information around the start of the new academic year.  

  1. What information is available on the app for students?    

There is lots of information available within the app.  Within the Welcome guide, students will find an important checklist of things they need to do before they start their studies, such as completing enrolment. There are sections dedicated to both student support, with details on Wellbeing services available, and learning support, which highlights academic resources, personal tutors and Peer Guides. It also contains information related to departmental inductions and other Welcome Week activities, as well as ways to get involved both on and off campus. New students will also benefit from advice on how to get connected and become part of the Royal Holloway community, regardless of their method of study.   

Some of this information will be made available to students closer to the start of term. A section centred solely on coronavirus (Covid-19) is also included, ensuring students are aware of the measure taken to help them adapt to both their learning and living environments.  

  1. Can colleagues download the app?   

Yes. The Welcome to Royal Holloway app will be available for anyone to download or view in a web browser format, it is also available on the Google Play App Store for android devices and will be available on the App Store very shortly. For instance, staff may find the information about different university services and how to contact them useful. There is also a list of catering outlets and map of campus. It’s always good to know where the closest coffee is!  

  1. What feature are you most excited about?   

That’s a difficult question! The app is not just a source of information; students will able to personalise their own experience through a number of important features. Students are able to add events included on the app to their own schedule, creating a unique Welcome experience depending on their personal preferences. In addition, students can add key steps, such as enrolment, to their personalised to-do list, meaning they can keep track of the most important steps. Scheduled push notifications will also be a great way to ensure students remain engaged both before and after the start of term.