Mar 27 2020

Research England announced on 24 March that it will be delaying the date at which we are required to submit our entry for REF 2021.  At this stage, they have not announced a replacement for the 27 November submission date, because they are planning to do a consultation before issuing a new timetable.  They have however confirmed that the staff census date of 31 July 2020 will not be changed, i.e. the date for the measurement of the number of FTE staff we have who are doing independent research.  They have also promised to provide us at least eight months’ advance notice of the revised submission date. 

Our Royal Holloway REF Steering Group meets this week and will be considering various scenarios for how we proceed while we are waiting for the official new dates.  We have already got a lot of work in progress, and want to make best use of the available time and resource within the constraints of the new situation.  The REF pages on the staff intranet contain further information and will be updated following the decisions by the Steering Group.