Nov 12 2020

Friday 20 November is the annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is a time where we remember those whose lives have been lost due to anti-transgender violence. The first Transgender Day of Remembrance was in 1999, organised by Gwendolyn Ann Smith. It was in remembrance of Rita Hester who was killed a year earlier in the United States. There has been massive progress towards the awareness of transgender people in recent years, however, many transgender people still face transphobia on a daily basis whether it is from biological family to strangers on the streets. 

Our College firmly condemns transphobic violence or discrimination and is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, striving to create a supportive environment where students and staff can be themselves. A transgender colleague had this to say about their experience at Royal Holloway, 'As a transgender person I have been amazed at the acceptance and even support from colleagues when I have faced transphobic situations in my personal life.' 

To mark the day this year, we will be raising the transgender flag above Founder's on Friday 20 November. As many of us are also working from home, we also have provided a background if you would like to show your support on this day in virtual meetings. 

If you would like to find out more about trans awareness, we have an e-module you can complete called Introduction to Trans Awareness. There is also an active LGBT Staff Network at the College which brings together LGBT+ Staff, PhD Students and allies which holds social and cultural events throughout the year.