Oct 27 2020

The College actively monitors the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic as it develops in our local areas and also as it affects our students and staff and the operation of our campus. There are regular morning meetings to review the data and agree necessary actions. 

One element of that monitoring is the collection of data about students and staff who are self isolating, symptomatic or have tested positive for Covid-19. 

This data enables us to ensure that timely steps can be taken to limit transmission and support can be provided where needed. For students this is about self-isolating households where there is a positive case and also putting in place support for the mental health and physical needs of those students. For staff it’s about ensuring that they have a contact at the College as well as access to support whilst they self-isolate. 

This data and other reports are also enabling the College to build a better understanding about where cases are developing and allows the College to consider what actions may be needed to reinforce existing controls or increase them if necessary. We understand, not unsurprisingly, that cases do focus on student households and that is both households that are in private residences as well as residences on campus. This highlights the need to support students with self-isolation and to remind them of the basic controls of hands, face, space. 

There is generally a wide distribution of student cases across schools and departments and no reported staff cases in academic schools suggesting the classroom controls are being effective and managing the risk of transmission in the classroom. 

What data is reviewed? 

The number of new cases each day is tracked. These figures vary by day and can also be influenced by any cases that were not reported straightaway.

A seven-day daily average is monitored which shows the average number of cases reported per day over a rolling seven day period. The current seven-day data below shows that in the seven days up to 26 October there have been an average of 6.6 new cases reported each day. The steady increase is being closely monitored at the moment including how it compares to national and local data.

Covid average

The College also tracks and monitors live cases. This data shows for any particular day the total number of students who are self isolating following a positive test, and the total number of students who are self isolating because they are in a household with someone who has tested positive, or been contacted by Test and Trace. As of the last reporting point, midnight Monday 26 October there are 29 students and no staff members who are currently self-isolating after testing positive for (Covid-19). 

These numbers are challenging and time consuming to monitor as students will move into and out of self isolation. Monitoring live cases does help to understand the volume of students being supported at any one time and the workload for the teams involved. 

The combination of these reports as well as observations from staff, including our security staff, of activity on and around campus are all playing their part in keeping us safe.  As the pandemic stretches on it is important too that we continue to play out part by paying attention to hands, face and space.