Sep 24 2020

As some of you may be aware from experiences both at home and at the office, due to coronavirus (Covid-19), the majority of delivery companies are refusing to undertake desktop delivery within buildings. This currently includes Office Depot, and we have received a plea from the College Post Room who whilst doing their best to assist, do not have the resources to store or deliver large items. 

Technically we no longer have a formal contract in place with Office Depot, and our Office Supplies framework call off agreement is now with Banner UK, who are also available through punch-out catalogue ordering on Agresso. They are also not currently offering a desktop service. However, they have agreed to deliver to a single reception point within a building, and therefore our Procurement Team would recommend using them, and clearly identifying a single point that is staffed each day, at either a Department/Building or at School level.  

We appreciate that this will not necessarily be easy and there is no single ideal solution to this challenging and changeable situation. Our intention is to transfer custom to Banner and close Office Depot down on Agresso, however, we do not intend to make any changes until term is underway, and we are all more adjusted. We want to highlight the alternative available, and minimise missing or non-deliveries.

Further communications publicising the Office Supplies agreement with Banner will be issued towards the end of October. In the meantime, if you have enquiries regarding particular products, please contact their Customer Services Team on 0843 538 3311.