Dec 02 2021

Voting in the Academic Board election to fill a vacancy in the category of elected Members of Academic Staff closed at 5pm on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

The outcome is as follows –

Dr Philip Bremner             96 votes

Professor Satya Shah        75 votes

I therefore confirm that Dr Philip Bremner has been elected to the Academic Board. In accordance with the Terms of Reference and Standing Orders of Academic Board, his term of office runs from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2023.     

Dr Bremner provided the following statement for his nomination –

I am a senior lecturer in law in the School of Law and Social Sciences. In my capacity as Chair of the Law and Criminology Departmental Exam Board I am responsible for applying the College assessment regulations and dealing with the various complex matters that arise in this context. I would welcome the opportunity to be involved in a broader remit in relation to teaching, examining and research in the College as part of the Academic Board.

This is a particularly challenging time for the academic development of the College as we consider the long-term changes in our teaching and assessment practices following experiences of this during the pandemic. Academic Board will play a crucial role in developing sustainable flexible teaching practices while also maintaining the quality of our academic provision. As well as challenges, recent developments, such as the progression of discussions about the merger with St George’s, present opportunities in terms of interdisciplinary research and innovative teaching to which Academic Board can usefully contribute.

I would view my role as an elected member of academic staff to represent the views of academic faculty at all levels regardless of career pathway/contract status (e.g. teaching-focused, research-focused, permanent or temporary contract). I would actively seek to canvass a range of views on the many important issues considered at Academic Board which will undoubtedly have an impact at school and departmental level. In this way I would hope that discussion which takes place at departmental meetings and school boards can represent a breadth of opinion and feed into decision making at the highest level. For me, an important aspect of the role would then be to report back at departmental and school level about the progress made in relation to the points raised in order to foster a greater connection between central and school/departmental level discussions.

Dr Bremner’s first meeting as a member of Academic Board takes place on 8 December 2021.

The record of the vote will be open for inspection from now until 5pm on 8 December 2021 by contacting Academic Board.

I would like to offer my thanks to those who voted in the elections and to both candidates for submitting nominations.  


Dr Jon Howden-Evans

Secretary to the Academic Board and Returning Officer for the Academic Board election

Director of Student and Academic Services