Feb 02 2021

1. What is the Weekly Wellbeing Focus?

Our Weekly Wellbeing Focus within the staff newsletter and on the staff intranet will provide hints, tips and guidance to help you focus on your wellbeing, both at work and in your personal life. These will be in the form of articles written mainly by our colleagues within the HR team.

Our first article on tackling digital fatigue suggests encouraging three new work arrangements to help boost wellbeing and support a better work-life balance for all colleagues.

Our second article focuses on Time to Talk Day 2021, continuing conversations about mental health and ending the stigma.

Our most recent article is about taking a break, and if you don't take regular breaks throughout the working day it can lead to increased tiredness, lack of focus and stress. 

2. Why is the Weekly Wellbeing Focus being introduced?

Late last year, as a College we ran a short survey asking colleagues how they were managing during the pandemic, whether they had the right tools and support to be able to work in the new circumstances and also what would make the biggest difference to their wellbeing.

Our initial focus will be on taking every opportunity to prioritise what is most important, supporting colleagues through acknowledging the challenges and actively encouraging everyone to make time for their wellbeing. In the short term, Human Resources will be sharing guidance and advice on wellbeing in the staff newsletter and on the Working Well Hub. In the longer term, we recognise the need for a more comprehensive and longer term staff wellbeing strategy, which links to the College strategic plan.

3. Where can I find the articles each week?

We will be linking to each new article within our new permanent section within the staff newsletter and you can find a full list of articles here.

4. Who will be writing the articles and can I get involved?

The articles will be written mainly by members of our HR team on a range of topics regarding wellbeing.

We are keen to collaborate with colleagues, share experiences and find out how you’re focusing on your wellbeing, either during work or within your personal life. Perhaps you’ve been involved in research on wellbeing, or you have a wellbeing initiative that your team is working on, or advice or guidance to share with colleagues drawn from how you manage your own wellbeing?

Email intranetroyalholloway.ac.uk to get involved.