Jan 19 2021

Dr Xavier Rojas

Dr Xavier Rojas, Department of Physics, has been awarded £610,404 from STFC for their project entitled 'Quantum Simulators for Fundamental Physics'.

Professor Jane Hamlett

Professor Jane Hamlett, Department of History, has been awarded £76,363 from AHRC for their project entitled 'Pet Histories and Wellbeing'.

Dr Wenqing Liu

Dr Wenqing Lui, Department of Electronic Engineering, has been awarded £10,737 from the Royal Academy of Engineering for their project entitled 'Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship - Additional funds'.

Dr Cassilde Schwartz

Dr Cassilde Schwartz, Department of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy has been awarded £41,413 from ESRC for their project entitled 'The diffusion of development: Extending RCTs with agent-based modelling to understand spillovers of development interventions'. 

Dr Jenni Sherriff

Dr Jenni Sherriff, Department of Geography, has been awarded £4,269 from Leakey Foundation via Winchester for their project entitled 'The Early Pleistocene Settlement of Northern Armenia'.