Jan 05 2021

Professor Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Professor Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Department of Information Security, has been awarded £503,394 from ESRC via University of Bath for their project entitled 'DiScriBe - Digital Security by Design Social Science Hub+'.

Dr Andrew Casey

Dr Andrew Casey, Department of Physics, has been awarded £1,690,391 from STFC for their project entitled 'Quantum Enhanced Superfluid Technologies for Dark Matter and Cosmology'.

Professor Felix Driver 

Professor Felix Driver, Department of Geography, has been awarded £108,783 from AHRC for their project entitled 'Plant Humanities: Where Arts, Humanities and Plants meet'.

Professor Alberto Paccanaro

Professor Alberto Paccanaro, Department of Computer Science, has been awarded £32,214 from MRC via Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine for their project entitled 'New advances in insecticide resistance genomics: using Machine Learning to predict resistance phenotype from large-scale genomic data'.

Dr Zubin Kanga

Dr Zubin Kanga, Department of Music, has been awarded £1,197,392 from MRC for their project entitled 'Cyborg Soloists'.