Jul 27 2021

Dr Robert Lachlan

Dr Robert Lachlan, Department of Psychology, has been awarded £120,000 from BEIS for their project entitled "Understanding the Psychological and Cultural Factors Underpinning Risk Perception of Products".

Dr Linda Popplewell

Dr Linda Popplewell, Department of Biological Sciences, has been awarded £54,000 from 4BaseBio Discovery for their project entitled "Delivery of codon-optimised full-length dystrophin to muscle using 4BaseBio non-viral methodology - Phase 1". 

Dr Vincent Guermond

Dr Vincent Guermond, Department of Geography, has been awarded £117,995 from Leverhulme for their project entitled "Early Career Fellowship".

Professor Jay Mistry

Professor Jay Mistry, Department of Geography, has been awarded £1,875 from Defra - Darwin for their project entiled "Covid-19 impacts on Indigenous food sovereignty".