Jun 04 2021

Professor Gerhard Leubner

Professor Gerhard Leubner, Department of Biological Sciences, has been awarded £126,329 from BBSRC for their project entitled 'Detection and diagnosis of seed-borne diseases utilising machine learning enhanced gas plasma integrated multispectral imaging (DeTecSeeD)'. 

Professor Christopher Hanretty

Professor Christopher Hanretty, Department of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, has been awarded £34,169 from ESRC Via University of Edinburgh for their project entitled 'PIR-Hanretty-ESRC via Uni-Edinburgh-Scottish Election Study 21/25'. 

Professor Jocelyn Monroe

Professor Jocelyn Monroe, Department of Physics, has been awarded £181,994 from Ram Sadashivajois for their project entitled 'Axion Search in DarkSide-20k - ASiD.

Professor Sara Bernardini

Professor Sara Bernardini, Department of Computer Science, has been awarded £235,668 from Compagnia di San Paolo (via Politecnico di Torino) for their project entitled 'Simple methods for Artificial Intelligence Learning and Education'.

Dr Saloni Krishnan

Dr Saloni Krishnan, Department of Psychology, has been awarded £56,797 from Academy of Medical Services for their project entitled 'Sciences - Motivation in adolescents with reading disorder'.