May 04 2021

It is important for wellbeing that all our staff take a break from work, and that everyone is encouraged to use their annual leave in full before the end of the leave year, where possible. In addition all leave carried over from the 2019/20 leave year should be taken. 

Moving into the 2021/22 leave year the standard annual leave policy will apply (this can be found on the HR webpages) meaning that where it is not possible for the full entitlement to be used up to five days (pro-rata) may be carried over into the next leave year with the agreement of the line manager and Head of Department or Service. The expectation is that all leave should be used in each leave year.

Those on furlough will be expected to use all their annual leave before returning to work and this should be discussed between the line manager and employee.

Further information and questions and answers on annual leave can be found on the HR webpages.