May 10 2021

May is National Walking Month and we currently have three challenges running on our Royal Holloway Moves app for you to get involved in. So far, 99 members of Royal Holloway staff have walked 3,730,166 steps, that's the equivalent of walking from campus to Athens! Find out more below.

1. What is the challenge for national walking month?

This National Walking Month we have three challenges running on our Royal Holloway Moves app for you to get involved in: 

  • 5,000 steps per day in May
  • 7,500 steps per day in May
  • 10,000 steps per day in May

You can join any one of these challenges that best suits you and the level at which you want to challenge yourself. Remember, more steps = more points!

2. How long do I have to complete the challenge?

You have the whole month of May to complete the challenge. Don’t worry if you have a few days where your step count drops below your target, you can always make up for it another day as the challenges are based off your monthly total as a whole.

3. What are the benefits of walking?

Walking has a range of benefits, from improving your mood, to helping you de-stress, to easing joint pain and stiffness which is particularly important if you spend a long time sat behind a desk. Walking is a low intensity exercise, making it a great way to socialise with others as you exercise and best of all, it’s free!

4. How can I get involved in the challenge?

To get involved in the National Walking Month challenge, follow the steps below:

  • If you aren’t already a user, download the Moves+ app from your App or Google Play store and select ‘Royal Holloway Moves’
  • Register as a new user using your staff ID (employee number)
  • Connect your preferred tracker (you don’t need to have a wearable device)
  • Select ‘Groups’ and join the ‘Royal Holloway Staff’ group.
  • Once part of this group, click on the ‘Challenges’ tab and then join the challenge of your choice.
  • Get outside and get walking!

5. How can I stay motivated to keep walking in May?

Setting yourself an achievable goal is a great way to ensure you are likely to stay motivated. If your current steps are sitting around 4000 per day, then go for the 5000 per day in May challenge – this is an increase, but one which is within reach and not too ambitious that it makes it feel unachievable.

Both the longer days and the improvement in the weather should really help with motivation. Try and schedule a walk into your day, whether that be before/after work or within your lunch break, to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. If you’re able to schedule it at a time which you can commit to each day, this will give you an even better chance of succeeding as it’ll become a natural part of your daily routine.

Setting yourself a goal or challenge is always easier when you have someone else to take part with. Whether it’s a friend, colleague or family member, why not encourage someone to join the challenge with you? For the competitive ones amongst us, this is a great way of integrating some healthy competition to give you that extra motivation to keep going (and get to the top of the leaderboard!)