Nov 22 2021

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role within the Alumni Relations team?

I joined the Alumni Relations Team as the new Alumni Relations Officer this year. My role encompasses many things, such as content creation, video editing, photography, social media and website content. It’s been so fascinating being able to use our platform to show the various successes of our alumni – from having feature films on Netflix to having the first Black Literature Timeline in the British Library. As an alumna myself, it is so inspiring to see other alumni achieve their dreams.

2. You recently completed and received results for your MA in Creative Writing that you studied for here at our College, congratulations! What inspired you to study at the College, and what was your favourite element of your degree?

I attended an Open Day four years ago which had a master-class with Ben Markovits, who I had the pleasure of being a student of later that year. He made us read this short story that still haunts me to this day – in the best way possible – I don’t even remember its title, only how it made me feel.  It was about a husband and wife whose son had died, which posed the question as to whether there is an ending of grief, or whether it is an omnipresent experience. The way Ben, and ultimately all of my teachers in later years, pushed us to elevate our conversations, our questions, and transcend ordinary modes of thought, not only about literature, but the human experience, made me realise that this was the place for me. I instantly felt like I was part of a community at Royal Holloway, a space where I was always pushed to be the best writer I could be. Since then, I’ve studied both my undergrad and postgrad at Royal Holloway.

3. What do you enjoy most about working at Royal Holloway?

I really enjoy how much I’m able to talk to alumni about the success they’ve had in their industry, and being able to show them off to the rest of the world! I love engaging in their stories, asking questions, and being in an environment where curiosity and creativity are nurtured.

4. Outside of work, how do you like to spend your free time?

Writing and reading. I am a poet and short story writer (in my free time) and have been published in Poetry London’s 99th Issue, Lucent Dreaming’s 10th Issue and Pulp Poetry Press. In the last year, I’ve also been published in 22 Under 22 by Flexible Press, The Black Anthology and The Working Class Anthology by 10:10 Press. I am giving a reading at Lucent Dreaming’s virtual launch event, so if you’re free on 6 December at 7pm, please do join!