Nov 30 2021

As of today (30 November), the College expects face coverings to be worn by students, colleagues and visitors over the age of 12 years old while indoors on campus, , including libraries, teaching rooms, lecture halls, laboratories and multiple-occupancy offices. 

The health and safety of our College community remains a top priority and we are changing our approach to face coverings to align with extended Government guidance. We have worked hard to keep campus open with in person teaching this term - Let’s do this simple thing to help stop the spread of COVID-19   

Relevant departments will be aware of exceptions in academic environments, such as music, performance and some laboratory work, where other guidance applies.

Face coverings help protect the wearer and others against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission of COVID-19.

Students and staff who are unable to wear a face covering are expected to wear a sunflower lanyard (available from the SU Shop, Café on the Square, School Offices or Student Services).

Face coverings do not need to be worn when outdoors.

This is the first time during the pandemic that staff have been asked to wear face coverings while seated in offices. The government has been clear that this is intended as a short-term restriction while the risk of the Omicron variant is assessed. With the end of term, and the Christmas holidays, in sight it's a simple thing we can do to play our part and aligns with our expectations for students.

To help to keep our community safe, we all need to continue to play our part. 

  • Hands - Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds; use hand sanitiser
  • Face - Wear a face covering when indoors
  • Space - Our spaces have been set up to enable 1m social distancing
  • Ventilation - Open windows and turn on air conditioning to ensure good ventilation
  • Vaccination - If you're eligible, please get fully vaccinated, including the booster vaccination
  • Test - Take at least two lateral flow tests a week and test before attending locations where it’s difficult to social distance. These can be ordered here.