Oct 05 2021

The call for nominations closed with one nomination received for the academic staff member vacancy and Dr Donna Brown is appointed to a four year term of office from 1 October 2021 to 31 July 2025. 

Dr Brown provided the following statement for the nomination:

While at RHUL I have held a wide range of School-level responsibilities, been elected by peers as a staff rep within my School and as an elected member of Academic Board. As a disabled worker my passion for inclusion extends to representation for people of colour, working class backgrounds, LGBTQ and with disabilities. As an established trade unionist I am willing to make “unpopular” observations and challenge convention. This profile would inform my contributions to Council. 

UK HE faces ongoing challenges: we face reduced government support for Arts; potential “Augar” cuts; and a fight to save a decent pension. It is vital that Council strategy is informed by the experience of stakeholders. Only by continuing to harness the invaluable commitment of staff, across a wide range of disciplines, will we protect both the legacy and future reputation of our College.  I would be honoured to represent you on Council.

Members of academic staff elected to the Council are also appointed as members of the Academic Board, in accordance with Statute 3.  Dr Brown joined the Academic Board in 2020 as an Elected Member of Academic Staff and the election of Dr Brown to Council therefore creates a vacancy on the Academic Board.  A call for nominations to Academic Board will be circulated week commencing Monday 4 October.