Oct 25 2021

 Voting in the re-run election for a member of the professional services staff closed on Wednesday 20 October and the outcome is as follows:

Simon Davis

114 votes

Lisa Fell

 93 votes

David Hannaby

 73 votes

Simon Davis, Head of Security, has therefore been elected to Council for a term of office from 1 October 2021 to 31 July 2025.

Simon provided the following statement for the nomination:

Simon is a security professional with 33 years’ service in the public sector, and has been Head of Security since 2015. The fundamental importance of personal safety and security means Simon works with a range of departments, in support of students, staff, and visitors alike. As such he is well-versed in many of the operational challenges colleagues face and the collaborative working needed.

In what often feels like an increasingly uncertain world, Simon believes the values of inclusivity, openness and integrity are more important than ever. As is building a positive legacy for the benefit of future generations. Simon has a postgraduate diploma in risk, crisis and disaster management, and in 2019 was awarded an international exchange to North America, to compare transnational approaches in protective services.

Representing at College Council would provide a valuable opportunity to highlight the wider interests of professional services staff, and in particular campus safety.

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who voted in both the academic and professional services elections and in particular to those members of staff who expressed an interest in serving as a member of Council.  I look forward to working with both Simon and the new academic Council member Dr. Donna Brown.

Dr David Ashton

Deputy Principal (Operations) and Secretary to Council