Oct 26 2021

As a College, we have monitored and publicised the numbers of cases reported to us throughout the pandemic and we have supported both students and staff who have reported positive tests. Given the current community rate of infection, it raises a question whether there is currently under-reporting. We are continuing to urge our students and staff to test and report, in order that we have an accurate picture of the number of cases both on campus and off.

In addition to understanding the impact of the pandemic on staff and students, it is important that we all continue to follow the guidelines in place around hands, face, space, ventilation and vaccination that are in place to help keep our campus community safe.

As of today (26 October), there is one student and five members of staff who have been on campus who are currently self-isolating after testing positive for coronavirus (Covid-19); this is out of a total of four students and six members of staff who have reported positive tests to the College. There are a total of six members of staff that are self-isolating.