Feb 01 2022

1.  What is the RH100?

The RH100 panel is a large focus group made up of 100 student panellists from across the College. The panel helps to ensure that a range of views are considered in relation to developments at the College and on campus. RH100 is delivered by the Student Engagement & Sport Department within the Academic Services Directorate. As a thanks for their participation in the panel, students will be rewarded with up to £75 of vouchers which they can spend at a number of selected retailers.

2.  What is the structure of the RH100 panel?

 For each discussion topic, RH100 panel input is gathered in three ways:

  • Pre-work: Topic leads are asked to give the panellists reading and tasks prior to the panel itself. This enables the panellists to familiarise themselves with the subject beforehand and allows them to put thought into their opinions and undertake research where required. This enables topic leads to have 100 separate opinions on their subject as each pre-work is collated prior to the panel.
  • Group discussions: At the panels, panellists are separated into smaller groups to discuss a task related to their pre-work. The input given by the smaller groups is collected at the end of the panel and collated by the RH100 team.
  • Presentations and open discussions: Each group is asked to present back their key points in a clear and succinct manner. If there is capacity following the presentations, panellists are encouraged to discuss the topic openly and raise any points that may not have been shared.

 3.  Why is the student panel of RH100 important to the College?

The topics chosen for the RH100 panel are suggested by the college and thus are topics in need of considered co-design. The panel provides opinions and solutions to these topics, offering improvement in identified areas which not only improve the experience of students but also staff and the reputation of the university.

4.  Are there any particular topics/projects being discussed this year?

One of the key topics students will be looking into is Query Management.

5.  What is the most rewarding part of the RH100 panel?

The RH100 is a great way to meet other students and to get your voice heard by the College. Students actively participate in improving the student experience as well as giving students an exciting opportunity to influence decisions being made at the College and to leave their legacy at Royal Holloway. The RH100 panel provides students with the opportunity to learn skills that will help them in their future career such as teamwork, critical thinking and presenting skills. 

 6.  How do students sign up to be part of the panel?

Students are able to sign up to be part of the panel via this link which is also advertised on the RH100 page on the Student Intranet. If students are successful with their written application, they will be invited to attend an Assessment Centre.