Jan 11 2022

Monday 10 January, marked the start of our student survey season; the National Student Survey (NSS) and the internal Undergraduate Survey are both now live. Later this term, we will also be launching the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) and the survey for postgraduate taught students (PTES) and dates will be confirmed soon.

1. What surveys are running and when?

Our NSS and Undergraduate Survey will run from Monday 10 January to Saturday 30 April 2022. There will also be surveys for our postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students that will take place later on this term, but dates for these are still to be announced.

2. What support is available to colleagues?

To support the promotion of the surveys to students, Directors of Student Experience are coordinating the promotional activities for each school. A range of resources are also available on the intranet, including editable posters, social media images, an email signature and PowerPoint slides for use in lectures and seminars when promoting the survey. Contact details are also available on the intranet, if colleagues have any questions regarding the surveys. Find out more here.

3. What central activities are taking place to encourage students to fill out their survey?

Central survey activity will be taking place from Monday 10 January - Friday 21 January, and will involve a strong visibility of the survey across campus (as shown in the image above) and a prize draw as a ‘thank you’ to all students who complete the survey.

Large floor stickers displaying a QR code have been placed in high footfall areas across campus – on the floor of the Davison Building and within the entrance ways to a number of different buildings. Smaller QR code stickers have also been placed on the desks within many of our lecture theatres, within the Library and in some of our food outlets. A balloon arch surrounding a large pull up banner is also in place within the Davison Building foyer, advertising both the survey and the prize draw.

The prize draw is open from Monday 10 January – Friday 21 January, and can be entered by anyone who completes either the UG or NSS survey. Prizes include, Apple AirPods, tickets to Summer Ball, a Nespresso Machine and a variety of different vouchers. All prize draw winners will also have the option to donate the value of their prize to an SU club or society of their choice. More information about the prize draw and how students can enter, is available on the student intranet.

4. Why are the student surveys important?

Student surveys are important as they help inform improvement and development decisions at a department, school and College level. They are also critical for informing how the College is seen externally. NSS results help to inform the choices of many prospective students, both as a metric in their own right and when they are used within university league tables. Please note we cannot link the NSS to league tables when promoting it to students. Please see guidance on inappropriate influence.

Our undergraduate survey gives us the opportunity to address issues with students' experiences before they take the NSS. Our postgraduate surveys give us important feedback about the experiences of postgraduates, and helps us compare our performance against other universities.