Jul 11 2022

1.  Can you tell us about yourself and your role as Director of Education?

I have been working in HE Learning and Teaching for the past 12 years and have a background in STEM, particularly biosciences. Before joining Royal Holloway, I was the Associate Dean in Education at Aston University, within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. I am a Principal Fellow of the HEA and National Teaching Fellow in Inclusive STEM education and a Professor in STEM education.

2.  This is a new role at the College, what are your main priorities in your first six months?

The role of Director of Education is a new post at Royal Holloway and is looking to strengthen and enhance the educational practice across the institution. I will be leading forward with colleagues from CeDas, Careers, Educational Development, and the Student Union, to further enhance their great work on student experiences.  I will also be working closely with Schools to support their implementation of institutional educational strategies and work towards further enhancement of their curricula.  

3.  Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives which you are particularly looking forward to working on?

A key focus will be on our Curricular design, working with colleagues across the institution to reflect on our current curricular design and processes to determine how we enable more innovative and responsive curriculum development.  I will also be looking to develop more collaborative initiatives between academic and Professional Services staff, to ensure our students benefit from interacting with institutional staff with a wide range of expertise and experience.  

4.  As a new colleague at our College, what are you enjoying most in your role so far?

As someone coming from a STEM background, I have really enjoyed the diversity of curricular/schools we have at Royal Holloway. I have been impressed by the educational activities and initiatives happening within Schools and Professional Services, and how quickly everyone has welcomed me to part of this great work.   

5.  How do you like to spend your free time outside of work?

I like to spend my free time outside (weather dependent). I enjoy gardening, walking and bike riding in the Staffordshire (where I live) and nearby Peak District. As a mother to two teenage daughters, I often spend some time shopping and going for tea and cake. I enjoy going to a local box-exercise gym, finding it a great way to relive the stress of the working day and also to move about after a static day sat at the computer.