Jul 04 2022

All first year undergraduate courses and all PGT courses, for the start of 2022-23, will have mandatory academic integrity training for students, this will be non credit bearing but required for progression. This will be:

For all courses that currently have mandatory ‘SS1000: Academic Writing Skills’ in Moodle, this is retained with an ongoing programme of adding content covering issues such as collusion and commissioning.


Courses currently without mandatory SS1000 will have ‘SS1001: Academic Integrity’ added as a mandatory and non condonable non credit bearing module. SS1001 will be based on the existing ‘Avoiding Plagiarism’ course in Moodle, with an ongoing programme of adding content relating to issues such as collusion, commissioning, and the submission of non textual (including maths/coding) assignments.

More details will be sent around this new module, however students will currently have unlimited attempts at attaining the Pass score for SS1000 or SS1001. Completion deadlines will be synchronised centrally to facilitate administration.

The pass mark is set at 60% for SS1001, in line with SS1000. The intention is to provide meaningful challenge, while pre-empting the possibility of a large number of ‘exceptions’ needing to be followed up late in the academic year. The set pass mark will be kept under review. Co-ordination of quality assurance for SS1000 and SS1001 will lie with CeDAS.