Jul 18 2022

We’re delighted to announce that RHUL LGBT+ Progress flag lanyards are now available for any members of staff who would like to use them. These can be picked up from Founders' West Room 31 (FW31).

These lanyards are meant to celebrate diversity and to express openness towards LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc.) people. The use of the Progress flag also explicitly includes Black and global majority people within the LGBT+ community. By making these lanyards available, the College hopes to support our whole community by allowing staff to express their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in a simple and visible way.

Any member of staff is welcome to wear a Progress flag lanyard. It is important to bear in mind that doing so opens the possibility that students and colleagues might approach you with questions. These can be anything from asking about what the Progress flag means, to disclosing a minoritised sexuality or gender identity and seeking support. Therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable in discussing these issues.

Some possible scenarios, and the places you can signpost for support, are as follows:




Someone has been subjected to bullying/ harassment due to their LGBT+ identity

Support them to raise a grievance or refer to Employee Wellbeing Programme

Support them to report to RHUL BeHeard or to refer to the Wellbeing team: wellbeingrhul.ac.uk

Someone is experiencing difficulties with their LGBT+ identity

Refer to Employee Wellbeing Programme

Support them to refer to Counselling:


Someone would like information about LGBT+ life on campus

Refer to LGBT+ Staff Network

Refer to SU’s LGBT+ Society

Someone wants access to support outside of the university

Refer to MindOut or Switchboard LGBT+ (LGBT+ mental health services)

Other training and guidance available at our College which may support your knowledge and awareness is as follows:

 Additional resources: