Jun 06 2022

1.  Can you tell us about yourself and your role as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Management?

I was awarded my PhD in Art History in 2016, and I have had a varied career in HE, working in marketing, outreach, careers, library services and academic development departments, as well as teaching. I am a Senior Fellow of Advanced HE and a coach. My role in the School of Business of Management is a Senior Lecturer in Business Student Learning Development. I am working across the whole school – not just one department – to support our students in developing their confidence, skills, improving attainment and graduate outcomes and building on some of the amazing work that is already being done by colleagues.

2.  What are your main research interests?

I have eclectic research interests. My PhD in Art History gave me a basis in aesthetics and identity, and I have investigated early career academic identities, but I am also interested in pedagogy and employability. One of my recent publications is on the aesthetics of cosmic horror in collectable card games!

3.  What are your favourite subjects to lecture on?

I love teaching research methods, despite it often being student’s least favourite subject! I’m a qualitative researcher and enjoy sharing opportunities for creative and less ‘traditional’ approaches to research. I also get a huge sense of pride in making a topic that can seem daunting, accessible and interesting and (for some!) enjoyable – this is the reason I created my podcast, Do Better Research (https://tinyurl.com/dobetterresearch)

4.  As a new colleague, what are you most looking forward to when working at our College?

I’m most looking forward to getting to know the needs of the staff and students that work here so I can have a positive impact. Working in learning development means fostering partnerships and collaborations across departments, learners, researchers and tutors, and I enjoy the challenges and rewards that this kind of work can offer.

5.  What or who inspires you outside of work?

I have always been inspired by Terry Pratchett, an author and satirist who sadly died in 2015. I have always loved his writing, and his wit, insight and empathy.

6.  How do you like to spend your free time?

I really enjoy hiking, and recently completed the 58km Jurassic Coast Ultrachallenge and am working towards the Chiltern 50km walk in September. I am an avid baker and greatly enjoy cooking. I also love games: board games, collectable card games (MTG), and table-top role-play games – I run and play in several regular Dungeons & Dragons games.