Sep 27 2022

Dr Alexey Koloydenko

Dr Alexey Koloydenko, Department of Mathematics, has been awarded £78,626 from EPSRC for their project 'Statistical analysis and modelling of bi-modal autofluorescence-Raman imaging for efficient diagnosis and treatment of biological tissues'.

Professor Simon Blackburn

Professor Simon Blackburn, Department of Mathematics, has been awarded £485 from the London Mathematical Society for London Mathematical Society - Travel Grant.

Dr Hrvoje Augustin

Dr Hrvoje Augustin, Department of Biological Sciences, has been awarded £5,000 from the Motor Neurone Disease Association for their project 'Metabolomic investigation of the effects of nonanoic acid and 4‐MOA in a C9Orf72 Drosophila model of ALS'.

Professor Jessie Ricketts

Professor Jessie Ricketts, Department of Psychology, has been awarded £15,828 from the NIHR via MGH Insitute for their project 'Orthography and phonology in word learning as a predictor of dyslexia in children with language impairment', and £11,295 from Nuffield via Edinburgh for their project 'Love to Read: A co-designed intervention to motivate and engage child readers'.

Professor Simon Cutting

Professor Simon Cutting, Department of Biological Sciences, has been awarded £38,000 (Additional Funding) from MRC for their project 'Helicobacter pylori in Vietnam: Prevalence, AMR and Vaccination'.

Lili Owen-Rowlands

Lili Owen-Rowlands, Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures, has been awarded £116,089 from Leverhulme for their project 'Dirty Work: Labour and Life-Writing in 21st-Century France'.