Sep 27 2022

Adjusted Checks

Due to COVID-19 the UK government made a temporary adjustment on the completion of right to work checks from March 2020 allowing these to be online.  The adjusted period has been extended several times but the final extension will end on Friday (30 September). From Saturday (1 October) right to work checks have to be completed in person for UK and Irish nationals. 

For non-UK nationals, holding a Biometric Residence Card (BRC), Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and Frontier Worker Permit (FWP)  right to work checks will continue to be conducted online using the Home Office’s online right to work check service. It is no longer an option to complete a manual right to work check using a physical BRC, BRP or FWP.

All checks must be completed by Accountable Officers or their nominees or Recruiting Managers prior to these being sent to Human Resources using the applicable process in sufficient time before the start date (a minimum of 5 working days) for Human Resources to confirm the documents meet the requirements of the UK Immigration and Visa agency requirements before any work can be undertaken.  Failure to do this could result in the College losing its licence to sponsor overseas students and result in reputational damage together with a significant fine.

Retrospective Checks

The College is not required to carry out retrospective checks for those who started while the adjusted right to work check process was in place.

For any further questions, please contact the recruitment team at: