Sep 23 2022

University challenge 26 September 2022 - ROYAL HOLLOWAY

Many congratulations to our University Challenge team, who, on Monday 26 September, competed and won against students from Cranfield University with a score of 155 to 110. They now progress to Round Two.

Team captain, George Harvey (Physics with Astrophysics Masters), along with Micka Clayton (PhD, Neuropsychology with Music), Joel Abramovich (BA Biology), Joanna Brown, (PhD in Creative Writing) and reserve member Edward Chesterman (MA Public History) took on the team from Cranfield as part of the University Challenge’s 60th anniversary series and Jeremy Paxman’s final series as a presenter.

Team member, Joanna Brown, said:

 “Being a huge fan of University Challenge, I couldn't resist the call to compete to form a team to represent Royal Holloway, but never dreamed I'd make the team, let alone that we would make it through to the filmed rounds!

 “Five of us - our brilliant captain George Harvey, Joel Abramovich, Micka Clayton, myself Joanna Brown and our reserve member and source of calm and wisdom, Edward Chesterman (think Zen Mr Motivator!) - were thrilled to have the opportunity to go to Media City in Salford, sit at those legendary desks with our names on and compete in the nation's favourite - and most gruelling - quiz!

 “And... we got to take part in the 60th Anniversary Series of University Challenge, Jeremy Paxman's final series at the helm - who could ask for more? You can see our first game on BBC IPlayer and follow our progress from there!”

Catch up on the full episode on BBC iPlayer.