Feb 06 2023

Congratulations to all our grant awardees.

Professor K Badcock

Professor K Badcock, Department of Physics, has been awarded £485,000 by EPSRC for EPSRC Core Equipment 2022.

Professor Ruediger Schack

Professor Ruediger Schack, Department of Mathematics, has been awarded USD 421,488 by John Templeton Foundation (via University of Massachusetts) for their project 'What is Metrology if Quantum Measurements participate in making reality?'.

Dr Hilary Lynch 

Dr Hilary Lynch, Department of Research & Innovation, has been awarded £33,374 by Innovate for their project '348-KTP CB Comp KTP Capacity Building Competition 2022'.

Dr Emily Glorney 

Dr Emily Glorney, Department Law and Criminology, has been awarded £12,000 by Runnymede Borough Council for their project 'Using Social Media to develop the capacity and diversity of the Runnymede Neighbourhood watch scheme'.

Dr Alberto Malerba

Dr Alberto Malerba, Department of Biological Sciences, has been awarded £59,450 by MitoRx Therapeutics Limited for their project 'To develop an assay capable of evaluating whether MitoRx compounds ameliorate the effects of oxidative stress on mitochondrial bioenergetics in DMD patient cells'.

Dr Nisreen Ameen 

Dr Nisreen Ameen, School of Business and Managements, has been awarded £30,431 by Innovate for their project 'An evaluation of Thriize: An advertising innovation B2B platform'.

Professor Chris Hanretty 

Professor Chris Hanretty, Department of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, has been awarded £371,775 by ESRC for their project 'Politicians' temporal focus'.

Dr Leonardo Rinaldi

Dr Leonardo Rinaldi, School of Business and Management, has been awarded £24,834 by CIMA for their project 'Exploring the role of management accounting in building sustainability and resilience'.