Apr 10 2018

Our improved Enquiry Management System (EMS) is now live and is being used to manage all student and some colleague interactions.

The expansion of the EMS is aimed at delivering a more efficient and joined-up approach for everyone throughout the college.

You can now use the EMS to log and monitor your calls by creating a user account.  You will be kept informed about progress with your calls, receiving information such as a notification email when you log a call, to request additional information and when the call is resolved.

You can create a user account by clicking on the sign-up link on the EMS homepage.

As part of the improvement of the EMS, it has been upgraded to the latest version. If you have used it previously to register vehicles for parking on the campus and had an account on the old version, your existing log-in credentials will not work, and you will need to create a new account the next time you want to submit a parking registration request.

The EMS also provides you with information about all of the services provided throughout the College, in our new service catalogue. If you want to know which department delivers a particular service and how to access it, then you can log-in to the EMS and search the service catalogue for the information.  The catalogue also contains FAQs about these services.

Our student launch of the EMS will be for the start of the next academic year in September 2018.