Dec 04 2018
The Mandala Programme is an innovative, evidence based and paradigm-shifting programme that supports the career and personal development of BME colleagues seeking to progress in their career at Royal Holloway.

The programme lasts for six months, and during this time participants will explore:

- Career aspirations and options
- How to think strategically about creating and accessing opportunities
- The strength, resilience and power in participants' personal history and what this means for career development
- The participants' authority and presence as a leader and how to become even more impactful through ‘being you skillfully’
- How to influence others and develop effective and meaningful relationships in the workplace; future career and personal development as a leader and strategies for achieving success.

Dates for the programme workshops are:

  • Thursday 31 January 2019
  • Tuesday 19 March
  • Tuesday 30 April
  • Tuesday 4 June
  • Tuesday 9 July 

Participants are expected to attend all five workshops. 

Applications to join the programme are open until Monday 10 December. 

Please send your applications to