Feb 13 2018

It’s national survey season, and we’re running a survey for every year group. Throughout the campaign we're encouraging students to evaluate their time at Royal Holloway.  The surveys, in particular the National Student Survey (NSS) for final year undergraduates, are critical to our external reputation and student recruitment.

The surveys began on Monday 15 January, here's our week four progress summary.


Survey  Completion rateNumber completed Number remaining Same time last yeat 
 National Student Survey (NSS) 54% 1162 1005 57%
Undergraduate surveys(First year and penultimate in aggregate) 21% 1142 4428 12%



General performance

  • We have gained 15% in a week for NSS responses and are now past the 50% threshold as an institution and in most departments.
  • We are outperforming the sector and are 2% ahead of the average for institutions starting in survey week two, for the first time this year.
  • We are outperforming last year’s undergraduate survey by 9%
  • The NSS launched their text campaign on Thursday 1 February, however, are not emailing students now until the end of the campaign (if it is necessary).
  • We did two centralised emails to finalists regarding the NSS and departments ‘ramped up’ their activity in the last week, which seems to have made a big difference.
  • We now have 14 departments over the 50% threshold, over doubling the amount we had this time last week, with three departments within 5% of reaching it.


What’s happening in the week ahead?

  • Some departments are still in the 30’s and need to try exceedingly hard to get over the line in the next week. iComms have requested content for targeted emails from these departments for a scheduled email to go out on Tuesday 13.
  • Colossus will be roaming campus encouraging students to fill out their survey on Tuesday and Wednesday, targeting low-performing department areas.
  • Are you planning a survey completion event in your area? If you’d like laptops, iPads, chocolate incentives, extra collateral (like banners and posters) or more people to help you run your event please contact the Internal Communications team.


Survey resources