Jul 24 2017

We are very close to completing a number of our new builds and spaces, and once finished in autumn term 2017/18, they will provide exciting and bright new areas for you and our students to enjoy.

Founder's Square, the area located between the new Emily Wilding Davison Building and Founder's Building, is nearing completion and will be open and ready to use from early autumn term. We hope that it will provide a great outdoor spaces for activities, events and roadshows across the year.

So that we can ensure that we manage the space correctly, and provide fair access to its use, we have created a policy outlining the types of activities that can take place in the new square, along with a booking form to use as needed. If you'd like to use Founder's Square for an event over 2017/18, please be sure to read the policy. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch.