Jul 31 2018

Clearing officially begins on Thursday 16 August, and our Clearing phone lines open at 7.30am. To ensure that we make the process as straightforward as possible for those who contact us hoping for an offer, it’s important that the facts are clear, consistent and up to date. With that in mind, we’d appreciate your help in making sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Phone calls:

It’s possible that colleagues not directly involved in Clearing may pick up phone calls from prospective students. If you receive a call like this, please ask them to redial our hotline number: 01784 772 455 or visit royalholloway.ac.uk/clearing.

Please do not attempt to transfer Clearing calls to this number as the lines run on the different system from normal College phones. The transfer will fail and the student will be lost along the way.

As in recent years, all offers for places in Clearing will be made centrally, and it’s therefore important that no indication of whether a place may be available is made to a prospective Clearing applicant if you do take their call. In terms of available places, we expect a rapidly changing picture, and the most up to date information will be held by the Admissions team.

If you answer a call that appears to be from a member of the press/media, please ask them to contact the PR team on 01784 443552.

Web pages:

A single set of Clearing webpages has been created by the Marketing team. This includes a list of available courses, which will be continuously maintained and updated in conjunction with the Admissions team to ensure any student who enters the website has access to the most up-to-date information.

To ensure we are consistent please do not create any Clearing material on your own webpages. The Marketing team have added signposts to the Clearing webpages across the website. If you would like to create an additional signpost to the Clearing pages from your own webpages, please contact your Marketing Manager for advice on how to do this.

Other website updates:

There will be a general change freeze for IT, except for emergencies. It would be greatly appreciated if colleagues could avoid making non-essential changes to their team’s webpages during the Clearing period (between 13 and 19 August). Lots of items in the publishing queue could slow down essential updates to clearing webpages, and in extreme circumstances, IT may take action to remove your work from the queue.