Jun 13 2018

This message has been sent from Dr David Ashton, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to Council

As you are aware our current Chair of Council, Stephen Cox, is due to step down later this year.  The recruitment of a new Chair of Council has been led by our Vice Chair of Council, who has been supported by members of Council.  After a rigorous recruitment process, Council has approved Dame Margaret Hodge, MP as the preferred candidate for our next Chair of Council. 

The nature of the Chair of Council role is changing; the Office for Students (OfS) has already made clear that Chairs, on behalf of governing bodies, will assume further accountabilities, including for academic assurance.  Given the ever increasing level of commitment expected from the Chair, we are seeking permission from the Privy Council and Charity Commission to provide remuneration for the post. This is a complex process and, until it completes, we cannot confirm Dame Margaret’s appointment into the role of Chair. The ambition of Council, and in accordance with the College governing documents, is that Dame Margaret is appointed as an independent member of Council in October and will assume the Chair as soon as possible thereafter.

Council believes that Dame Margaret would bring extensive leadership experience as well as the credibility and enthusiasm to inspire students, colleagues and stakeholders alike.  Dame Margaret would, if appointed, make a valuable contribution to the governance of the College and would have an important role to play in shaping our vision for the future. She would also represent the College externally, helping to raise our profile and strengthen our reputation.

My intention had been to announce Dame Margaret’s appointment once we had received feedback from the Privy Council and Charity Commission, which is expected over the summer. However, the possibility of her appointment has been picked up by the media, so I wanted to advise you of the current position.  Please ensure you share this information with colleagues.