Mar 07 2018

Last year, the government began the roll out of a new scheme called Tax-Free Childcare which changes the package of financial support it offers to working parents.

Many families stand to lose out under the new scheme and will be better off joining, or staying on the Childcare Vouchers scheme.  

The Childcare Vouchers scheme will be close to all new applicants from April 6 2018. This means that any new entrants need to join by Tuesday 13 March 2018.

  • Anyone who joins the Childcare Vouchers scheme before this date can continue to benefit from the savings for as long as they stay with Royal Holloway, or their child is eligible.
  • Parents cannot benefit from the tax and NIC savings via the existing Childcare Vouchers scheme and the savings from the new TFC scheme at the same time.
  • Once an employee has left Childcare Vouchers to move to TFC, they cannot rejoin.

If you wish to apply for childcare vouchers please contact the relevant email address:

Faculty of Science 

Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Faculty of Management and Economics

Professional Services