Nov 06 2018

David Hannaby

David Hannaby has recently started a new role as Alumni Relations Manager within the Development and Alumni Relations team. We caught up with him to discover more about his role, the Graduate Outcomes Survey and what colleagues should do if they want to get in touch with Royal Holloway alumni.

1.       Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role as Alumni Relations Manager?

I studied Geography at Royal Holloway and graduated in 2015. After a short amount of time away from the College I came back and have been working in the Development and Alumni Relations team for just under three years now. Royal Holloway is a really special place for all alumni so I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work for an institution I care about and to play my part in ensuring its success.

2.      This was a new role within the Development and Alumni Relations team, how are you finding it?

My role focuses around engaging our most recent alumni, encouraging them to stay connected with the College, keeping them up to date with news and events but also making sure they are aware about the support and services the College offers. A key focus of my role is promoting the Graduate Outcomes survey to our graduates. This is a new challenge for the HE sector so it has been really exciting getting to grips with the survey and everything that comes with it. My new role also allows me to work much more closely with colleagues across the College, both in professional services and across the academic departments so I have really enjoyed meeting lots of new faces!   

3.       Could you tell us about the Graduate Outcomes Survey?

The Graduate Outcomes survey replaces the Destination of Leavers from HE (DLHE) survey as the new national survey capturing information about the activities and perspectives of graduates after they finish their studies. The survey will be emailed to graduates 15 months after their courses end.  

4.      Why is the survey important to the College?

Data from the Graduate Outcomes survey is very important as it allows the College to understand what our alumni go on to do after graduating. This information plays a key role in allowing the College to evaluate and develop our courses ensuring that they properly prepare our graduates for their next stage in life, whether that’s starting a career, undertaking further study or embarking on some other adventure. With lots of very exciting work taking place across the College to support students into these next steps, the Graduate Outcomes survey will be an important metric for highlighting areas most in need of this support. Responses will also give current and future students an idea of the career paths or future development they can hope to go onto.

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and ultimately Royal Holloway’s position in league tables is also directly linked to the Graduate Outcomes survey. As we all know, these are important metrics for promoting the University to prospective students.  

5.       What should colleagues do if they want to get in touch with Royal Holloway alumni?

The best starting place is to get in touch with the Alumni Relations team. With the introduction of GDPR we need to be sure our alumni have opted in to receiving communications from us and we have those lists. It’s also important that we don’t bombard alumni with emails so we can work with you to build messages into existing communication plans to ensure this doesn’t happen. Alumni are an amazing asset to the College and our current students, by working together to contact them we can help you make the most of your department’s alumni whilst also making sure alumni aren’t overwhelmed with messages.

6.      What’s your favourite term at Royal Holloway and why?

Summer term is definitely my favourite. Campus is at its best in the sun and we have all the fun and excitement of graduation!

7.       What do you enjoy doing outside of your work life?

Outside of work I enjoy all things food and drink related with lots of my spare time being spent in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking (and eating) all types of food but think tapas is probably my favourite! I’m also a keen skier and like to get to the mountains whenever possible.  

8.      You may have seen our latest recruitment campaign, ‘Find your why’. We are interested to find out what Royal Holloway has helped you to discover about yourself…

Having spent time at Royal Holloway as a student and a member of staff I think the College has played a big part in me finding my ‘why’. Royal Holloway gave me an amazing three years of studying and started me on my career journey. It’s been the source of many happy memories and great friends and I’m very excited to see where it takes me in the future.